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Sue Shi
Sue Shi  
Flag USA
December 22, 2023

"New “go to” place to stay!”

Typically we stay close to 17 mile drive. No longer! Loved staying HERE as it’s so close to restaurants, cafes, shops, aquarium, wharf, etc! 😀 Our 1st self service accommodations. Someone always available by phone for assistance. We wanted more towels, they instructed us how to/where. It was very easy! No issues with toilet paper as mentioned in a previous review. Maybe that person didn’t know to call in. 🤔 Our bathroom had an extra roll. Our room was spacious & comfortable.; there was an extra blanket & pillow as well. If we wanted an extra blanket, it was offered; we decided to keep the beautiful gas fireplace on low., nice ambiance ! 😀 We preferred staying in the back building away from the street’s intersection. Both buildings have a dining room w/fridge & microwave. While our room also has a coffee machine, we preferred the front building’s dining room/living room, very spacious & beautiful morning sun. Also has a large coffee machine, water dispenser and tea, snacks, theraflu in case needed, nice touch. Reasonably priced & clean (cleaning crew offered to clean room, we are “climate conscious”, didn’t need for our short stay) Free parking! Never had any problems in finding parking. It’s a well maintained Victorian/historical house. We appreciated seeing their care.

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